Hey there! I'm Euwyn. Learn more about me on my personal website.

For the last couple of years, I've noticed how the Australian startup scene has rapidly grown. Now there are dozens to hundreds of accelerators, incubators, co-working spaces, VCs and micro VCs, and angel groups scattered all across the country. Australia is now the fifth most startup friendly country in the world. But, there isn't a great way for a founder to navigate the ecosystem and resources available to them.

So I decided to build it from the ground up. Sailist is my attempt to curate all of Australia's startup support ecosystem, so founders can be armed with an up-to-date directory for all the Australian programs, funding and resources they can access.

🤔 FAQ: "Why Sailist?"
Sailist stands for Startup Accelerator (and) Incubator List. I initially built this list with accelerators and incubators in mind, but over time evolved to encompass more of the Australian startup ecosystem.

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Special thanks to:
My good friend Rachel, for helping me with analytics, growth marketing and SEO.
I would highly recommend her for anything to do with growth and marketing.

My good friend and ex-colleague Surya, who has been a great source of advice.
I would highly recommend him for anything to do with product management.